The Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America (ABANA)
is dedicated to perpetuating the noble art of blacksmithing. A blacksmith is one who shapes and forges iron with hammer and anvil. ABANA encourages and facilitates the training of blacksmiths; disseminates information about sources of material and equipment; exposes the art of blacksmithing to the public; serves as a center of information about blacksmithing for the general public, architects, interior designers, and other interested parties.

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ABANA 2010 Conference

Jun 2-5, 2010 Memphis, TN

What follows is the pre-conference information about the conference:

David Hutchison & Lance Davis

Project Manager: Rome Hutchings

Members: Peyton Anderson, Paul Boulay, John McLellan, Steve Williamson, Len Ledet, Ken Prieser & Myron Hansen*

On-Line Registratiom is now closed and the Central office staff is packing up and moving to Memphis for the conference.

You are still welcome at the conferene -- the at-the-door price is $265.

Day passes are available for both members and non-members. See rate table below.

ABANA 2010 Conference Official Announcements

Whitaker Dragon Andiorn   Exciting Auction and Gallery news. Our conference auction will include at least 7 very special pieces. 5 Francis Whitaker original items donated by Daniel Dole; a gold brandy cup by famous metalsmith Gary Noffke; and a reproduction medieval padlock created by the perennial ABANA conference favorite Patient Order of Meticulous Metalsmiths. Download the Preview Catalog (1.3MB pdf)

Sneak peek! The full 2010 Conference Program is here. This pre-press version shows what diverse activities await you at the 2010 ABANA Conference. It has the final schedule and details on the keynote and demonstrators and lectures and teaching stations and lots more. This and the Conference Brochure taken together define the conference. Of course, check the bulletin boards on site for last minute changes. (1.6MB .pdf file)

New! Conference Planning Schedule -- All activities on one page per day. See what's when! {click}(updated 5/11)

Here is the schedule (updated 3/29) for the demonstrations.
There will be 3 demonstration tents going most of the time. But that doesn't mean that you will necessarily miss out on anything because most of the demonstrations will be repeated. Use this schedule to plan your days. Note that are a couple of slots on Saturday reserved for "most requested" demos or ones that have to be rescheduled.

Download the colorful 2010 Conference Brochure. This 9 page information packed document covers all the basics about the upcoming conference. It is a large (almost 2MB) .pdf download so be forewarned if you are using a dial up connection. This is printed in the new Anvil's Ring and you can get it here today! (updated 4/18 with 3rd added vendor)

Download the Conference Registration Form [click HERE] bring it to the Conference. The at the door price is $265. The registration form also has lower price one-day registration options for members and non-members.

Day Pass rates:
  Members Rate Non-Members Rate Members rates apply to members of ABANA, NOMMA, AFA (Farriers), and the Metal Museum.
Wednesday $20 $20
Thursday $90 $100
Friday $90 $100
Saturday $50 $60


ABANA invites current NOMMA and AFA members to attend ABANA's conference at the ABANA members price. Attend the whole conference or drop in for a day or two. Please provide your NOMMA or AFA number in the member ID number place on the form -- or call the ABANA Central Office (703-680-1632).

Save the date!       June 2-5, 2010
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The 2010 conference will be at the AgriCenter International in Memphis, Tennessee. Opening ceremonies will be on Wednesday, June 2, 2010.
Thursday through Saturday will be full days of forging demonstrations and excitement ABANA style. Saturday will conclude with a Memphis BBQ banquet and the conference auction. The theme of the conference is to be “ABANA’s Greatest Hits” in keeping with Memphis’ musical heritage. The ticket price will turn the clock back at least 8 years.. The site (click here) is within a few miles of thousands of reasonably priced hotel rooms. Camping and RV hook-ups will be available on site. Stay tuned for additional announcements.

2010 Conference Flyer Number 1
Posted June 7, 2008. [Click here for PDF]
[B&W version as .pdf] [B&W version as .doc]

2010 Conference Flyer Number 2
Posted June 27, 2009. [Click here for PDF]
[B&W version as .pdf] [B&W version as .doc]

2010 Conference Flyer Number 3
Posted Oct. 24, 2009. [Click here for PDF] [Click here for .doc]

2010 Conference Flyer Number 4
Posted Nov. 20, 2009. [Click here for PDF] [Click here for .doc]

The conference is now only 3 months away! This one page flyer is suitable for posting at your next event.

Ring Project Page

The 2010 will include a ring project to include 3 themed ring frames. This is an opportunity for individuals and affiliate groups to show what they can do. Click HERE for full details and specifications.

Conference Tee Shirt Page

The pre-Conference edition of the 2010 Tee shirt is available to order from the Central Office. Click HERE for full details.

ARCHIVE Material:

ABANA Conference Division Report - Jan. 3, 2008

The Conference Division is hard at work on plans for ABANA's 2010 Conference. Thanks to all of you who have contacted the ABANA Board directly or responded to our on-line survey. Your input is the guiding force behind the planning of the 2010 ABANA Conference.

An overwhelming majority of ABANA members have asked us to make the conference more affordable (by reducing both the price of admission and the costs associated with attending the conference.) The conference committee has the following plans to achieve this objective:

1) LOCATION: The 2010 Conference committee is now researching more affordable, non-university locations to host the 2010 conference. Conference to be held at AgriCenter International, Memphis, Tennessee.

2) LODGING: We are working to find a location, which will allow on-site camping. We will also provide motel directions and will try to procure group discount rates for those wishing to stay in local motels. AgriCenter has arrangements for over 200 RV hook up and tent camping sites.

3) FOOD: We plan to contract with on-site food vendors who will sell meals and snacks on-site. Conference attendees will be able to purchase what they want, when they want it from the vendors. People will also have the option of providing their own food or eating off-site at local restaurants.

4) TRAVEL: Sites under consideration are near a major airport and are centrally located, accessible by interstate, thus making travel to and from the conference easier and more affordable.

5) DEMONSTRATORS: More is not necessarily better! Past conferences have featured an overwhelming number of demonstrations going on at the same time. In 2010 we plan to reduce the number of demonstrators. Don't worry, we will still offer a diverse roster of top quality domestic and international demonstrators and multiple demonstrations to choose from throughout the day.

6) EXTRAS: We will eliminate extras such as tote bags, bumper stickers and lapel pins as part of the registration package. T-shirts and souvenirs will be available for purchase. Also, ABANA will not provide any hula dancers. (You'll have to do that on your own!)

At the request of the ABANA membership, we also plan to provide open forges, teaching stations and professional development lectures at the 2010 conference.

Attending the national conference is one of the great benefits of ABANA membership. Our goal is to host a 2010 conference, which will be exciting, educational and AFFORDABLE for our membership! Your input and assistance is always welcome.