2010 ABANA Ring Project: Call for Submissions

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Calling all blacksmiths and metalsmiths! As part of its 2010 conference, ABANA is sponsoring another ring project. We are soliciting handmade rings for inclusion in ornamental pieces that will be auctioned off at the June conference in Memphis, Tennessee.

This year, instead of one large ring framework, conference planners are preparing three separate frameworks, each with a different theme, and each consisting of four rings. The goal is to create three great auction pieces that are small enough to hang and display in a home, business, museum, gallery, restaurant, corporate board room, shop, music studio, etc.


National Ornamental Metal Museum

The rings and framework of this piece will acknowledge the important presence of the National Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis, Tennessee and classical ornamental metal work in general. Ring submissions might draw their inspiration from American or European mastersmiths.

Mississippi River

These rings will acknowledge the importance of the Mississippi River from the headwaters of Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota to the Mississippi River delta in New Orleans. Rings might include flora, fauna, fish, birds, boats, river towns, and history associated with the river.

Memphis Music

These rings will acknowledge the Memphis music scene. Rings might reference musicians (Elvis Presley), music (Beale Street blues), instruments (Gibson guitars), etc.



The purpose of this undertaking is to promote friendly competition for blacksmiths and metalsmiths, to raise revenue for ABANA, and for fun and camaraderie.



Anyone interested in submitting a ring (or rings) is encouraged to make and send his or her best work for possible inclusion into one of the frameworks.

Commitments are requested by November 30, 2009; however all rings are welcome at the ABANA conference. Rings must be handed in by noon June 3, 2010. To commit, contact project coordinator Rome Hutchings, The Prairie Forge, 13633 Ferman Avenue NW, Clearwater, MN 55320, 763-878-1694. E-mail: forge@theprairieismygarden.com.

Rings received before the conference may be used for photo opportunities advertising the conference, a great incentive to contact the project coordinator and get those rings in early!



Ring size is 10” O.D. (outside diameter, and must be accurate) made from ¼” x 1” steel flat stock bent the hard way.

Each ring needs space left at the 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock positions with a minimum of 5 minutes (using the clock analogy) on either side of these positions for mounting. Refer to the sketch below.

Materials inside the ring can be ferrous or nonferrous metals.

All rings are offset from the framework 1/2” (ring construction cannot protrude greater than 1/2” towards the back side).

Selection will be based on: interpretation of theme, quality of execution using traditional forging techniques (chiseling, forge welds, rivet joinery etc.), and meeting specifications.

Twelve rings will be selected, four for each theme, from all the rings submitted.

The funds raised from the ABANA 2010 Ring Project will help offset conference costs and support the educational mission of ABANA, grants, scholarships to individuals, and special projects of an educational nature. Those ring makers whose rings are selected for one of the three frameworks will receive 50% of the net auction proceeds. All other rings not selected for the project will be auctioned individually and the maker will receive 50% of the proceeds.

To view past ring projects hosted by ABANA, visit:
http://www.photoworks.com and click on “my photoworks.” Login as blacksmithblacksmith@hotmail.com and enter password: anvil. After you login, click on “My albums” or the “Choose album” box. Photos are in folders titled: Ring Project “Ring of Fire” and BAM Conference Ring Project.

Grateful acknowledgment is made to the ring framework design and construction team: Bill Krawczeski, Charlie Bateman, Myron Hanson, Marty Hicks, Nick Hinen, Tom Latane, Rob Murray, Chris Rand, Ann Schroeder, Bob Walsh, Anna Yust, and John Yust.


Ring Areas That Need to Remain Clear for Mounting

Ring Specifications

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