CanIRON IV, the fourth biennial Canadian Blacksmith Conference was held at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario July 9-13, 2003. Despite the American press spreading fears of the threat of SARS and mad cow disease, the event proved to be a great success. Below are a sampling of photographs from the event taken by Will and Monti Hightower, Noah Martin Kirby, and LeeAnn Mitchell. The event featured demonstrations by Jim Wallace, Eddie Payne, Scott Lankton, Charles Orlando, Lloyd Johnston, Doug Newell, Dean Piesner, Cairn Cunnane, Doug Wilson, and Elizabeth Brim. Be sure to plan ahead and attend
CanIRON V with the site to be determined. For additional information about CanIRON V please check the links below.

Murray Lowe welcomes everyone to CanIRON IV

Dean Piesner explaining his knifemaking technique

Eddie Payne at the forge during his monk-making demonstration

Eddie Paynes' monks

Leonard Masters, 2003 Bealer Award Recipient with ABANA President Scott Lankton

Elizabeth Brim and Doug Wilson during a collaborative session

One of Elizabeths' flowers in the vice

Cairn Cunnane hard at work on one of his sculptures

The Canadian Jim Wallace

Doug Newell busy at the anvil

Monti Hightower getting a turn in the teaching area with Keith Price's assistance

Scott Lankton playing with the Striker Hammer


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