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Lost No Longer!

The Mastermyr Find Replica Project was on display on January 22nd at the
Depreciation Lands Museum. This project was to reproduce the Viking Age find of blacksmithing tools that were discovered 1936. The original tools laid in a bog wrapped in a chain and were undisturbed until a farmer plowing a drained area hit the chest with his plow. It was a goal of a group of contemporary blacksmiths to reproduce the items and have them for display for the 2002 ABANA Conference. Since the conference, more of the 200 original tools have been reproduced and are available for display to interested groups. The caretaker of the collection, Bill Clemens, spoke of the project, it's challenges, and the history of the 1000 AD original find.
Bill's favorite tool was the hacksaw. 1005 years later...it has hardly changed! PAABA was very privileged to have this collection for viewing. There are several more pieces that need to be made for completion. Ralph Neumiester made two hammers. Bob Rupert has pledged to make a piece and there are other PAABA members that may be interested in taking part in the project. If you ever get a chance to see the replicas...don't pass it up! It was great to have permission to handle and examine the Viking facsimiles ...we even got to pack them! Hmmmm, maybe that was part of Bill's plan! If you know of a group or organization that may be interested in this outstanding display contact:

Bill Clemens

Mastermyr Chest
Mastermyr Tools
Bill Clemens Light Fixture
Bill Clemens Presentation
Mastermyr Tool Assortment
Mastermyr Tool Assortment
Mastermyr Tool Assortment
Ralph Neumeister & Hammers


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