Rose Iron Works Tour

Members of WRABA (Western Reserve Artist Blacksmith Association) and NOB (Northern Ohio Blacksmiths) were given a special treat last Saturday with a tour of Rose Iron Works in Cleveland, Ohio. Rose Iron is celebrating their 100th year of continuous business this year.

Mr. Rose, the son of the founder, took the time to tell us of his family's and the company's histories as well as some great stories about their business and even their competition with Yellin in this area. In addition, Mr. Rose had their vault open for us to see their collection of ironwork brought back from Europe by his father. All of the items there are museum quality and great to see first hand. In addition to these items, Rose has in their vault all of the files on every project they did for those 100 years, including drawings, materials and time cards.

Throughout the building, and outside as well, were beautiful examples of Rose Iron's works. One item, that I wish we could have seen closer, was a collection of repouse figures that told the blacksmithing history from the beginning to modern times. These figures were about 18-24" tall and were mounted on several building beams overhead. As I understand it, these were made during the depression, I would suppose just to keep the craftsmen busy.

One item to note is that Mr. Rose recognized the contribution ABANA and all of the independent blacksmiths and groups have made to the re-growth in the blacksmith's trade. Mr. Rose explained there were some times when business was very poor, especially in the 60's-70's.

Our only problem with this tour was that we were all overwhelmed by what we could see. Just too much to absorb! What a wonderful resource! Thank you Rose Iron.

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