The 2008 ABANA Divisions, committees, and current members are listed here for your reference. If you would like to contact an ABANA Board member serving on a committee, you can find their information on the ABANA Board List. For your convenience, email links for the Division Chairs are provided below.

Note: * denotes volunteers not on the ABANA Board of Directors


The Executive Committee consists of the 5 officers:

Chair: Chris Winterstein
Members: Dorothy Stiegler , Rome Hutchings, Will Hightower, Eric Ryser


Dorothy Stiegler - Division Chair

Insurance Committee

Chair: Linda Tanner
Members: Dorothy Stiegler, Clare Yellin* & Heather Hutton*

Election & Nominating Committee

Chair: Jim Masterson
Members: Dorothy Stiegler & Heather Hutton*

Sales & Library Committee

Chair: Linda Tanner (Sales) & Rome Hutchings (Video Library)
Members: Will Hightower, Maegan Crowley, Dorothy Stiegler, & Heather Hutton*

Finance Committee

Chair: Will Hightower
Members: Chris Winterstein, Linda Tanner, Dorothy Stiegler, Mac Beal*, & Paul Moffat*

Endowment Trust

Chair: Will Hightower
Members: Dorothy Stiegler, Don Kemper & Bob Fredell *

Bylaws & Procedures

Chair: Wayne Coe
Members: Dorothy Stiegler, Chris Winterstein, Paul Boulay & Don Kemper

Long-Term Strategic Planning

Chair: Chris Winterstein
Members: Rome Hutchings, Will Hightower, Paul Boulay, Wayne Coe, & Dorothy Stiegler


Maegan Crowley-Division Chair

Publications Committee

Chair: Maegan Crowley
Members: Jim Masterson & Linda Tanner

Internet Committee

Co-Chairs: Paul Boulay & Rome Hutchings
Members: Members: Elizabeth Brim, Maegan Crowley, Eric Ryser

Public Relations Committee

Chair: Linda Tanner
Members: Wayne Coe, Jim Masterson, Maegan Crowley, Preston Farabow* & Heather Hutton

Professional and Academic Outreach

Chair: Elizabeth Brim
Members: Eric Ryser, Maegan Crowley, & Don Kemper


Chair: Elizabeth Brim
Members: Eric Ryser, Jim Masterson, & Maegan Crowley


Rome Hutchings - Division Chair

Affiliate Relations

Chair: Paul Boulay
Members: Linda Tanner, Don Kemper, Kim Saliba, Rome Hutchings, & Heather Hutton*

Affiliate & Individual Grants & Scholarships

Co-Chair: Wayne Coe (Focused on Affiliate Grants), Kim Saliba (Focused on individual scholarships)
Members: Maegan Crowley, Dorothy Stiegler, & Rome Hutchings

Bealer Award Committee

Chair: Toby Hickman* (2008)
Members: Bob Patrick (2010)*, Lorelei Sims (2012)*

Joe Humble Award Committee

Chair: (open)
Members: Bill Clemens*, Brian Gilbert*, Marcia McEacheron*, Dave Smucker*, Julie Pickett*

Professional Services (POABA) Committee

Chair: Wayne Coe
Members: Rome Hutchings, Jill Turman, Paul Boulay, & Kim Saliba

Controlled Hand Forging Committee

Chair: Dan Nauman*
Members: Jay Close*, Bill Callaway*, Peter Ross*, Tal Harris*, Tom Latane*, Bob Fredell*, Doug Wilson*, Dereck Glaser*, Rome Hutchings

Journeyman Program Committee

Chair: Bob Bergman*
Members: Rome Hutchings, Dan Nauman*, others to be added at a later date


Jill Turman - Division Chair

2010 & 2012 Conference Committee

Chair: Jill Turman
Members: Rome Hutchings, Dorothy Stiegler, & Jim Masterson


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