Brian Gilbert began editing Hammer's Blow in 2000, starting with Volume 8 #1, and has edited over sixteen issues for ABANA.

"I absolutely love the work that I do. It's enabled me to combine my love of blacksmithing with so many other interests, like drawing, graphics, writing, and photography. Working for ABANA really is my 'dream job.'"

Brian first began blacksmithing somewhere around 1982, when his friend Marsha Nelson taught him to make spatulas. That was in Charleston, South Carolina, while he lived aboard his sailboat. The sailboat didn't have room for a shop. "Marsha got me started, then loaned me a brake drum forge and RR rail anvil. After I sold the boat and moved inland, I was largely self-taught, working from books to make projects in the backyard. I received my Master's degree in Media Arts, expecting to continue a career in broadcasting, and married my lovely wife Karen. We moved to Florida, where I began forging smaller contemporary pieces for sale at shows and galleries. That's when I managed to take one week-long class with Jeff Mohr at John C Campbell Folk School. That's also when I first became an ABANA member."

"When our son Kyle was born in 1995, we moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee to be around family. Shortly thereafter I became a member of the Appalachian Area Chapter and served as their editor for a number of years. I became a full-time smith around that time with varied success, but my smithing career really expanded when I was awarded the contract to produce Hammer's Blow. Since that time, I've been honored with the company and friendship of blacksmiths throughout the country."

You can contact Brian via email at

3404 Hartford
Chattanooga, TN 37415


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