The Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America (ABANA)
is dedicated to perpetuating the noble art of blacksmithing. A blacksmith is one who shapes and forges iron with hammer and anvil. ABANA encourages and facilitates the training of blacksmiths; disseminates information about sources of material and equipment; exposes the art of blacksmithing to the public; serves as a center of information about blacksmithing for the general public, architects, interior designers, and other interested parties.

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Organization Planning Committee

Chair: John McLellan

Members: David Hutchison, Lance Davis, Bill McMillon, John Tanner, Peter Renzetti, Jeff Dunkelberger

Purpose of the Committee

The Organizational Planning Committee is responsible for reviewing, investigating, and proposing changes needed to the By-Laws and Operating Procedures of ABANA. The Committee will also be responsible for the long term strategic planning of the organization by identifying and presenting long term goals to further the organization. The Committee will also maintain, collect, review and present applicable candidates through the Affiliate Grants program. Specific duties such as being the contact to represent the full board will also be required from time to time as instructed from the President.

Specific Duties of Committee

  1. By-Laws and Procedures: The Committee is responsible for the diligent observation of the organization’s By-Laws and procedures by reviewing, investigating, and presenting possible amendments for board approval that will further the efficient operation of the organization.

  2. Strategic Planning: The Committee is responsible for setting the long term goals for the organization. Continued observation and suggestions throughout the process will be needed to ascertain the set goals.

  3. Educational Professional Development: The committee will be responsible for overseeing the off board committee responsible for the development of the ABANA National Curriculum.

Public Outreach Committee

Chair: Bill McMillon

Members: Bill Clemens, John Tanner, Amy Pieh, Ray Nager, David Hutchison, Jack Parks, Jeff Dunkelberger

Purpose of the Committee

The purpose of the Public Outreach Committee is responsible for maintaining and developing the organization’s relationship with the membership, affiliates, and the general public. Through Professional & Academic Outreach, Public Relations, Affiliate Relations, and through the continued development of a national blacksmithing curriculum and other educational program developments the relationship of ABANA and the blacksmithing community will strengthen and grow.

Specific Duties of Committee

  1. Professional & Academic Outreach: The committee is responsible for maintaining a strong relationship with the educational institutions and professional smiths. Ideas and opportunities to better facilitate their involvement with ABANA is encouraged to be developed in committee for approval by the board.

  2. Public Relations: The committee will be responsible for facilitating any type of outreach request or idea to further ABANA and blacksmithing as a whole. The committee will also work with the Central Office staff to field any PR type requests that come in.

  3. Affiliate Relations: The committee will focus on developing and strengthening the relationship between ABANA and its affiliates. All affiliate applications will be processed and presented to the board through the committee for approval. The committee will publish a routine letter to all affiliates about ABANA and what “we” are doing for them. This letter will be sent out to the leadership of each affiliate encouraging them to publish this in their newsletters or websites. It is encouraged to also have an “Affiliate Advisory Group” of affiliate representatives to openly discuss and make suggestions on improvements in our working relationship with the affiliates.

  4. Affiliate Grants and Scholarships: The Committee is responsible for the dispersing of grants and scholarships to the most eligible applicants. The committee is also responsible for following up with the recipients to ensure they have fulfilled the required content within the agreement.

Business Oversight Committee

Chair: Linda Tanner

Members: Gerald Boggs, Bill Clemens, Lance Davis, George Matthews, John McLellan, Ray Nager

Purpose of the Committee

The purpose of the committee is to give consistent and regular oversight into the daily business needs of the organization through oversight on the organization’s insurance, merchandise sales, and budget.

Specific Duties of Committee

  1. Insurance: The committee is responsible for all insurance related activities within the organization. This includes soliciting bids, maintaining communication with our agent(s).

  2. Sales: The committee is responsible for overseeing the inventory of sales items available and must stay in routine contact with Central Office on inventory. The committee is also responsible for searching out bids for all merchandise.

  3. Finance: The committee is responsible for the annual budget. The committee is expected to use the monthly and quarterly data from the CPA to track the financials of the organization in comparison with the budget. The committee is expected to work with the Treasurer on all financial matters in some capacity. The committee is responsible for collecting the “wish lists” from each committee in the development of the year’s budget. Daily tracking of income and expenses using data (maintained by Central office per current procedures)

  4. Publications: The committee will be responsible for organizations two publications. Everything from putting out for bids on the contracted positions to reviewing the magazines.

Annual Goals, Objectives. And Outcome Measures

Each year The Committee will create a set of measurable goals for the committee. From these goals specific objectives will be created to better direct the committee in their agendas, recommendations to the board, and overall work for the organization. There should be a continued observance on the success of these goals with an overall report at the end of the year to the full board.

Membership Services Committee


Chair: Bill Clemens

Members: Lance Davis, George Matthews, Amy Pieh, Linda Tanner, Jack Parks, Peter Renzetti

Purpose of the Committee

The purpose of this committee is to serve the membership of ABANA through the publications, internet, the election and nomination of board members, and general idea on creating a better membership experience for the members.

Specific Duties of Committee

  1. Election and Nomination: The committee will be responsible for soliciting and recruiting candidates for the annual election and any appointments that need to be made. The committee will work within the guidelines laid out in the By-Laws.

  2. Internet: The committee will be responsible for the maintaining the website, reviewing and sending out the Constant Contact notifications, and maintaining the private forum for board discussion.

  3. Membership: The committee will be responsible for the general membership questions and coming up with enhancements to the membership benefits. Monitor memberhip numbers, renewals rates, prepare renewal notices, membership drives.