The Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America (ABANA)
is dedicated to perpetuating the noble art of blacksmithing. A blacksmith is one who shapes and forges iron with hammer and anvil. ABANA encourages and facilitates the training of blacksmiths; disseminates information about sources of material and equipment; exposes the art of blacksmithing to the public; serves as a center of information about blacksmithing for the general public, architects, interior designers, and other interested parties.

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Hammer Blow Cover

The Hammer's Blow is mailed to members quarterly along with the Anvil's Ring. In it you will find twenty four pages of How-to Articles, From the Editor, Notices, and Classified Ads. This educational counterpart to The Anvil's Ring gives you that extra instruction you need.

The Hammer's Blow is available only as part of ABANA membership. We have recently added a youth membership at a reduced rate, this membership available to those 18 or under includes a subscription to only the Hammer's Blow magazine.

Sign Me Up: I want to Join ABANA and begin receiving The Hammer's Blow magazine.  Becoming a member entitles me to a subscription to the magazine, free first-time classified listing, purchase of back issues at the member price, and all the other member benefits in ABANA.

Back Issues Please Back-issues of Hammer's Blow are available for purchase in The ABANA Store

Submission Deadlines
All submissions to Hammer's Blow must be received by a certain time to insure they will get published in the next issue. Please click [HERE] to see the deadlines for each issue.

Text on tips, techniques, event information and classifieds may be submitted by e-mail, fax or postal mail, typed or hand written, computer disk or hard copy. Click [HERE] for the complete writer's guidelines.

Advertising Guidelines And Rates

Please be sure to include contact addresses and phone numbers for classifieds and event listings. Click here for advertising rates and an insertion order form.

Mechanical requirements and deadlines for ads are [HERE].

Hammer's Blow Editor
Dan Nauman

Dan Nauman
4190 Badger Road
Kewaskum, WI 53040-9484

website: www.bighornforge.com

Email: hbeditor@abana.org

Meet Editor Dan Nauman

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