The Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America (ABANA)
is dedicated to perpetuating the noble art of blacksmithing. A blacksmith is one who shapes and forges iron with hammer and anvil. ABANA encourages and facilitates the training of blacksmiths; disseminates information about sources of material and equipment; exposes the art of blacksmithing to the public; serves as a center of information about blacksmithing for the general public, architects, interior designers, and other interested parties.

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ABANA Publications

ABANA publishes two magazines specifically for its membership: The Anvil's Ring and Hammer's Blow.
These great magazines are published quarterly and feature in-depth arts and blacksmithing articles, tutorials, critiques and more.

These magazines are only available to ABANA members, so if you would like to read two of the best magazines available on the art of blacksmithing, join ABANA today!

The Anvil's Ring

The Hammer's Blow

Writer's Guidelines For The Anvil's Ring and Hammer's Blow (PDF)