Please download this form for Gallery submission requirements and procedures. By following these guidelines one submission can be made to the web site gallery and to the publications. Of course members may request to be considered (or not) for particular publications.

Q- Who can show their work in the galleries?

A- The galleries are open to artists of historical significance and current ABANA members.

Q- What forms of blacksmithing are considered acceptable for the galleries?

A- All forms of blacksmithing are considered acceptable for submission.

Q- How long will a particular gallery be available to visitors?

A- As space allows, galleries will be archived indefinitely and available to site visitors. In the event that webspace becomes an issue, ABANA reserves the right to remove galleries to make space for new artist- blacksmith's work.

Q- How should images be delivered to ABANA?

A- Images should be delivered digitally on a CD or DVD disk. Images should be saved in JPEG, TIF, or EPS format. Image scanning and transfer is done by many 24 hour printing services such as Kinko's. Please check your area for availability of these services. Also please include a resume saved in either MS Word, Quark or Adobe pdf format and an accompanying text document that identifies your images and provides the following information: title of work, material, dimensions and year produced.

Q- Will the CD or DVD disk be returned?

A- ABANA assumes no responsibility for the return of submitted CDs or DVD disks although we will attempt to return them. It is recommended that you not send originals or other media unless you have a back-up copy.

Q- Who should I contact regarding submitting work to the galleries?

A- Submissions should be sent by mail to The Central Office.


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