Jaclyn Davidson
Middlebury, Vermont
J. Davidson Frog Hollow Fence

Frog Hollow Fence  – Middlebury, Vermont - 2005

Decorative panel, 8’in length by 4’ tall, attached to 7” by 7” Vermont granite pillars. Top and bottom rails are 2” by 3/4” bar stock.  Art deco vertical detail is of ¾” x ¾” and caps are 3”x 3”.  Oiled finish to patina with time. (Above, and detail right.)

Japanese Wave Fence - 2005

Overall length 24’ with a 5 ½’ tall center gate.  The outline work is of 1 ½” by ¾” solid bar stock. The background pattern of 3 repeated, alternating verticals is ¾” wide and 1 ½’ wide.  The black wave detail work is of 1 ½” flat stock, worked hot and welded together with hand cut solid sheet inserts.  The entire piece is sand blasted then waves are primed and painted with exterior paint.  The background pattern is a chestnut hue produced naturally. (Below.)

J Davidson Frog Hollow Fence Detail
J. Davidson Japanese wave fence

Raven Entryway (Arbor) - 2005

9 feet x 4 ½ feet x 5 feet. Materials used for 9’ double arched sides are solid ¾” by 2” bar stock.   The interior space is 5’ by 4 ½’, with a 3 ½’ gate defining the entrance. The 7 hand cut ravens are 22” wide from wing to wing, hot worked to portray 3 naturalistic postures.  The fall grasses are of various square and round stock ending in wheat, pod, and leaf heads.  The entire piece was sand blasted and all but the ravens were primed and painted.  The ravens were given a burnt linseed oil finish to produce variations of black and sienna. (Right, click on image for detail of raven.)

J  Davidson - Raven Entryway Arbor
J Davidson - Jumping Carp Fence

Jumping Carp Courtyard Enclosure - 2006

41 feet x 7 feet - A courtyard border for a Baltimore brown stone encompasses 41 linear feet of 2 inch by ¾ inch iron bar stock and 1 inch solid square stock.  A 3 foot by 2 foot powder-coated koi fish is attached to the latched 7 foot high gate. (Above and right.)

J Davidson - Jumping Carp Gate

Jaclyn Davison is a jewler, designer and metalworker who has joined Louis Nop of Nop's Metalworks & Associates, Middlebury, Vermont to offer architectural scale creations.

Note: All images of are copyright 2008 by Jaclyn Davidson of Nop’s MetalWorks & Associates. Contact the artist directly if you wish to reproduce these images in any capacity. (802)-352-9083.

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