April Franklin
Farmington, Georgia

ISN20, 1084, Nickel, Ebony, Steel
11" X 2-1/4" X 1-1/2"

Whiskey Cups

3-1/2 diameter X 4

Damascus Ring

203E, 1084, 14 kt Rubies and Sapphires

Jelly Roll Belt Buckle

Wrought Iron, Mild Steel, Brass
3-1/4" diameter

Arabesque Knife

Blood Wood, Copper, Silver, ISN20, 1084
9-1/2" X 2-1/2" X 7/8"

Damascus Fork and Spoon

Wrought and Pure Iron

Note: All images are copyrighted by April Franklin. Contact the artist directly if you wish to reproduce these images in any capacity. (706) 340-2172 [email]

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