Scott Lankton,
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Hanging sculpture for a meditation space in a cancer treatment hospital. The bronze and steel elements represent the duality of life and death, good and evil, male and female, as well as the trials of Job. The circular glass room also contains a glass mosaic by Gerry Kamrowski and three monumental stone and water sculptures by Wendel Heers. In this comprehensive treatment facilty there are also art studios where patients create work to express and deal with their condition, gallery space for display, and computer stations for research. These features are part of a new trend in western medicine that recognizes the value of treating the spirit as well as the body.

Bronze, steel
20' high by 5.5' diameter

What Would Edgar Do?

Fireplace screen inspired by and using the vocabulary of the late great Edgar Brandt.

Forged steel, brushed bronze.
32" x 48"

Grass Rail

Forged steel with brushed bronze on the leaves.

Forged caprail with bronze inset.

Rose Railing

Curved railing, steel roses and acanthus leaves with brushed bronze finish.


String of Pearls Railing

Deco inspired railing, forged steel with brushed bronze finish.


Note: All images are copyrighted by Scott Lankton. Contact the artist directly if you wish to reproduce these images in any capacity. (734) 426-3735 [email]

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