Shawn Lovell
Berkeley, California
Shawn Lovell - Forged Leaves Shawn Lovell - Forged Strap Hinges

Forged Leaves & Berries
Elements on the shop floor - 2007
(top left)

Strap hinges
2007, forged steel, split and forge welded
(top right)

Fire place surround
2007, 40”x42”, Forged steel, forge welded interior elements electric welded frame

Shawn Lovell - Fire Screen
Shawn Lovell Fire Screen

Fire place screen,
2003, forged steel

Staircase railing,
2004, forged steel, forge welded interior elements and electric welded frame (below)

Shawn Lovell Stair Railing
Magnolia Gate

forged and fabricated steel
6.5' tall x 3' wide

Music Room Fireplace Screen

forged steel
40" x 28"

Tree Bed

forged and fabricated steel
king size

Wine Cellar Railing

forged steel
5 linear ft.

Tree Branch Trellis

forged and fabricated steel
8' tall x 8' wide

Note: All images are copyrighted by Shawn Lovell. Website: slmetalworks.com Contact the artist directly if you wish to reproduce these images in any capacity. (510) 834-4090. [email]

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