The Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America (ABANA)
is dedicated to perpetuating the noble art of blacksmithing. A blacksmith is one who shapes and forges iron with hammer and anvil. ABANA encourages and facilitates the training of blacksmiths; disseminates information about sources of material and equipment; exposes the art of blacksmithing to the public; serves as a center of information about blacksmithing for the general public, architects, interior designers, and other interested parties.

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If you have an update to this page please notify the ABANA Central Office: Email    ABANA members with websites are welcome to request addition to the list. We ask 3 things: (1) maintain your membership; (2) post a link on your site back to www.ABANA.org; (3) have "interesting"content. ABANA's mission is educational rather than commercial, thus the purpose of the links is to provide inspiration and instruction to members and others. Please note that we only add entries upon request.


Anvil's Ring

Hammer's Blow

Anvil Magazine

Blacksmith's Journal


SkipJack Press & Astragal Press

Oak and Iron Publishing


Blue Moon Press


Artisan Ideas

Home & Garden Television

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American Bladesmith Society

American College of the Building Arts

American Craft Council

Artist Help Network

Artslynx International Art Resources

British Artist Blacksmiths Association

Carriage Museum of America

Craft Emergency Relief Fund

The Crafts Report

Crafts Council of Ireland

The Davistown Museum

Forge & Burner Design Page

Frazier Historical Arms Musuem

Free Health Insurance Quote

Historic Westville

Hopewell Furnace Historic Site

Horseshoeing Museum

Insurance Information Institute

International Association of Designing Artist Blacksmiths

Irish Artist Blacksmith Association

Library of Congress Gateway

Metal Museum

Morningstar Mill -- Ontario, Canada

National Association for the Self-Employed

National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association

North Carolina Arts Council

Preservation Trades Network

Saugus Iron Works Historic Site


Sloss Furnaces Historic Landmark

The Society of North American Goldsmiths

Victoria & Albert Museum

University of Georgia - PBS Blacksmith Series

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The ABANA Forums

The Blacksmiths Journal

Ron Reil's Homepage

I-Forge-Iron Blacksmithing site

The Iron Forge Fire site

Slack-Tub Pub

The Reviewer's Consortium - Book Reviews

TheForge Mailing List


The E-Z Town Blacksmithing Newsletter



Scandinavian Blacksmith Forum

The Iron Man News

The Anvil

Blacksmiths At Yahoo

News Group-alt.craft.blacksmithing



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ABANA's Educational Institution Members

The following schools of blacksmithing and educational institutions with programs incorporating blacksmithing and allied arts are members of ABANA at the special Educational Institution level. Contact the Central Office for details.
The links below will take to you to the Blacksmithing Schools page listing for this organization.

New England School of Metal Work


Participants in the ABANA Members Discount Program are Shown in bold face. For details on the discount click HERE.
For details on the Grainger discount program click HERE.

Abrasive Resource

Admiral Steel

Anyang Power Hammers

Argon Tool and Manufacturing Company

Big Blu Hammer Mfg Company

Blacksmith Bolt and Rivet Supply

Blacksmiths Depot - Kayne and Son

Blacksmith Supply

Centaur Forge, Ltd.

Chile Forge

Cotton Wood Forge - Used Forges & Blowers


Ernst Refflinghaus Anvils - Shady Grove Blacksmith Shop

Euro Anvils

E-Books for Metalsmiths - Brian Gilbert

Fintech Industrial Abrasives

Forging Hammers Sales and Service Network


HybridBurners - TRex Burners

Indital - Italian Architectural Forged Steel Components

Insurance-Industrial Coverage Corporation

Ironwood, LLC

Jere Kirkpatrick's Valley Forge & Welding

KA 75 Power Hammer

King Architectural Metals

Laurel Machine & Foundry Company

Little Giant

McMaster-Carr Supply Company

Metal Finishing

Mojave Southern Machine Works

Morrell Metalsmiths, Ltd.

Nimba Anvils

Old World Anvils


Pieh Tool Company, Inc.

Pitch It To You - Chasing and Repousse Pitch

Pure Iron - The Wagner Companies

Riverside Machine

Say-Mak Power Hammers

Shop Outfitters

Thak the Blacksmith & Armorer

The Hammer Source

The Perfect Edge

The Real Wrought Iron Company

Weldsale Company

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Note: Some links may be inoperative - links that are repeatedly broken will be removed.
Please send updates to the ABANA central office: Email  Thanks.

Member website link
AC Designs - Anthony Cateaux CA-BC
Airmet Metalworks NJ
American Iron Co - Robert Lawrence MO
Andy Chambers - Arc Iron Creations NY
Artistic Anvil - Fleming Iron Works - Travis Fleming AL
Artisans of the Anvil PA
Architectural MetalSmiths - Doug Whaley - Frank Trousil CA
Badger Village - Steve Hackbarth WI
Bellla Ironworks - Jill Turman CA
Benson Designs LLC - Jeff Benson WI
Bighorn Forge - Dan Nauman WI
Black Toad Forge - Matt M. Myers IL
Blacksmith Chic Lorelei Sims IL
Blacksmith Shop, The -- Joe Koches CA
Bradshaw Metal Works - Ben Bradshaw GA
British Blacksmith - Shelley Thomas England
Burdett Metalsmithing & Design - Harry Burdett CO
C & C Ironworks - Charles Hughes OH
Cardine Studio VA
Carl West - Prospect Hill Forge MA
Chia and Steve Murdock - Unity Forge ME
Chris Gavin MD
Clay Hill Forge - Dale Morse VA
C.N.Y. Glass & Metal Design Studio - Christopher & Jacquelyn Rice NY
Contos Metalarts - Chris Contos AZ
Corrina Mensoff-Phoenix Metalworks GA
Crazy Mountain Forge MT
Cross Custom Works NY
Daniel Dole - Codornices Forge CA
Dave Mudge LA
David Browne Metal Design CA
David Duskin CA
Deer Creek Forge- Don Snitgen MI
Diablo Forge - David Flynn & John Molden AZ
Dillon Forge GA
Doug Adelmann-Anvil-Art MT
Durand's NY Forge NY
Eric & Debra Montgomery - The Metal Shoppe CA
Evolution Iron - Cory Walters CA-ON
Fabco Fabricators - Jim Birdsong GA
Featherstone Forge VA
Flashing Forge - Alan Flashing OR
Flicker Forge MO
Forge & Metal Studio CA-ON
Form & Reform CA
Frabotta Iron Works OK
Frederic A. Crist VA
Frontier Forge-Ray Baker WA
Gallop Forge - Eddie Rainey GA
Gary Gloyne CA
Gearhart Ironworks - John Emmerling OR
George Forge - George Ivan Pare' RI
Grapevine Blacksmith TX
Great Circle Forge OH
Grizzly Iron - Rodger "Grizz" LaBrash AZ
Heart of Texas Metalworks, LLC TX
Highland Forge - Glenn Horr WV
Hoffman's Forge - Jymm Hoffman PA
Holly Fisher MI
Hot Iron Blacksmith - Bud Harvey IL
Hound and Hare Forge - Bill Clemens PA
Ice Forge NY
Incandescent-Ironworks - Steve McGrew WA
Indigo Iron - Lisa Banov CA-BC
Iron Apple Forge PA
Iron Leaf Forge - Tony De Caro KY
Iron to Live With - Helmut Hillenkamp NM
James DeMartis NY
James Johnson Metalsmith TX
Jouko Nieminen Finland
Kaviar Forge & Gallery - Craig Kaviar KY
Kestrel Ridge Forge - Jay Silber TX
Koka Metalsmiths WI
K P Originals - Keith Planche LA
Kullman Architectural Blacksmithing CO
L. Proctor Ironworks - Luke Proctor WI
Laughing Crow Forge - John Winer TN
Lee Badger - Anvil Works ® WV
Lone Star Forge TX
Lowell Chaput Metalsmith CA
Lucian Avery VT
Mark & Mindy Gardner - Flood Plain Forge IL
Mark Aspery School of Blacksmithing CA
Mark Bokenkamp OH
Maynard Studios - Matthew & Karine Mayard KY
McLean Forge - Boulder, CO CO
McLellan Blacksmithing CA
Metal Art By Gail- Gail Wall NC
Michael Saari CT
Mind over Metal - Richard Schultz TX
Moebius Ironworks - Eric Moebius WI
Moonieo Studios England
Northern Crescent Iron - Matt Waldrop NC
Northwinds Forge CO
NY Blacksmith - Larry Hagberg NY
Paul Casey - Quicksilver Metalsmithing WA
Peffers Plane & Anvil Ltd. CA-ON
Persimmon Forge -- David Edwards KS
Peter Fels & Phoebe Palmer CA
Peter Gagstätter Switzerland
Phillips Metal PA
Postville Blacksmith Shop WI
Ralph Sproul-Bear Hill Blacksmith NH
Rick Mettes-Wyoming Metal Smiths WY
Roberta Elliott-Velvet Hammer Ltd. IL
Samuel Yellin Metalworkers PA
Schindler Metalworks TX
Sean Ahern - Ahern's Anvil Inc. SC
Shady Grove Blacksmithing NE
SkyArt Studio & Gallery CT
Smyth Boone - Hooks CO
South GA Blacksmiths GA
Spanish Lake Blacksmith Shop MO
Sparks Will Fly Forge-Mark Puigmarti CA-ON
Sword & Stone CA
ThayerHouse Forge & Studio - Doug Thayer MI
The Forge - Michael Budd Ireland
The Forgeworks - Tim Cisneros CA
Thorne Metals Studio WA
Turley Forge NM
Uri Hofi Israel
Velleca Metal Design - Eric Velleca FL
Wayfarer Forge - Gerald Boggs VA
White Horse Forge MI
Wood and Iron Works - Frank Annighofer & Annette Lavalette MT
Wrought Iron Art - Oleg Shyshkin CA-ON

Note: Some links may be inoperative - links that are repeatedly broken will be removed.
Please send updates to the ABANA central office: Email  Thanks.