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Special Wrought Iron for Sale


I was contacted by a smith a few weeks ago who needed some heavy wrought iron bar for a stair rail fabrication project. At the time I felt that I would not be willing to sell any of the wrought iron I have in my storage pile any time in the foreseeable future. I did not anticipate the work I have undertaken this weekend. I decided to organize and move my iron scrap piles from their existing location to a new location next to my new shop building. When it came time to move the two pieces of wrought iron bar that I have featured here, I sat down and gave considerable thought to what my goals are for me and my new shop in the future. I realized that I have no interest in working on massive projects that require massive sections of iron, and a shop crane to move. I do have one big project in mind, but it does not include the need for this particular wrought iron, so I decided to offer it for sale, instead of allowing it to rust away in my wrought iron scrap pile.

The pictures on this page are taken with the iron wet in order to show the grain that makes it so special for certain uses. I want to stress to new smiths, who may have heard that wrought iron is God's gift to blacksmiths, that this is probably single refined wrought iron, and it is unlikely that it would be suitable for working into small objects, such as gate latches or hinges. There are various grades of wrought iron, and you would want double refined, or even better, to meet with success in working it into small objects. This iron would be best used for gate posts, massive fireplace andirons, or other artistic applications were it would be used for its spectacular surface grain structure, with only straightening or gentle forming required. The value in these pieces is in the surface grain structure patina, not in the mass of iron within.

Here are the particulars on the iron, and some close-up images of the grain structure.

Nominal diameter: 2-1/2"
Length of short bar: 4' - 1"    Weight: 55 pounds
Length of long bar:  4' - 7"    Weight: 64 pounds

Close-up of grain - Image #1
Close-up of grain - Image #2

These two bars would achieve their greatest value if used as a set, so I will not consider selling them separately. I would rather keep them, instead of selling them separately and giving up the opportunity for someone to make something really spectacular out of them, so please do not ask to buy only one of them.

My price is $2.50 a pound, and the buyer is responsible for packing and shipping. I suggest you arrange to have someone who is travelling through Idaho pick them up and bring them to you, or to a place that is within your range to drive to yourself. I am not keen on packing and shipping them, although I will discuss it with you if this is your only option. Perhaps strapping them to a pallet, and shipping via UPS hundred weight shipping, would be an option. I am located in Garden Valley, Idaho.

I have had these bars for a long time. They were removed from the decayed foundation of a very old brick building in Boise when it was torn down for urban renewal work. These two pieces were originally one piece, but when I returned to pick them up they had been torch cut in half, much to my dismay. These two pieces were the only such heavy iron to come out of the ground during the work. I have had them over 15 years. It is time they were passed on to someone who will make use of them in a way befitting such fine old iron. If you work heavy section iron, or plan to in the future, this may be for you.

Contact me at (208) 462-4028 if you would like to discuss this iron.

Thank you,

Ron Reil

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